Kamayola killings: UN Mission Head Condemns Violence

16 September 2017
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UN Secretary-General Special Representative to the Democratic Republic of Congo, Maman Sidikou condemned violence perpetrated in Kamanyola. He did so in a communiqué issued by the UN Mission to the DRC (MONUSCO) and seen by KINSHASATIMES.CD.

Maman Sidikou expressed his condolences to bereaved families and condemned all inter-ethnic violence.

“I am deeply shocked with the large number of civilian victims that were in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to seek protection and I condemn all kinds of violence between communities” said the Head of MONUSCO.

The press release notes that clashes flared up between asylum-seekers and refugees from Burundi and Congolese defence and security forces reportedly killed at least 36 refugees, one Congolese officer and injured 117 others. Violence erupted when Burundian asylum-seekers and refugees were demonstrating against local authorities to oppose the expulsion of four of them from DRC.

One FARDC (Congolese army) officer was killed in the clash, which led to the escalation of violence. Congolese defence and security forces allegedly responded through indiscriminate firing on the protestors.

Maman Sidikou underscored the obligation of the defence and security forces to use force only as the last resort, in compliance with the principles of necessity, proportionality and legality, pursuant to the international standards.

The UN diplomat called on the authorities to swiftly open legal actions to establish the truth and do justice to the victims.



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