Annual Report on Human Rights in the DRC: “Congolese authorities must prove the contrary,” says Jonas Tshombela

27 September 2017
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The Congolese Civil Society of the DRC is already reacting to the report of the Human Rights Council of the UN on the situation of the Human Rights in the DRC for the previous 12 months.

Contacted by KINSHASATIMES.CD, the President of the New Civil Society, Jonas Tshombela, sent the ball back to the Congolese authorities, which he said must

“prove the contrary (of this report). In the light of the developments in recent months throughout our country, there is reason to wonder about the effectiveness of the security services: the Army and the Police in protecting people and their goods as well as their rights and freedoms,” he said.

According to Jonas Tshombela, the refusal of the international investigation into what happened in Kasai is also evidence of “serious problem of Human Rights in the DRC, where the authorities are expected to account for such allegations”.

The slowing down of the electoral process in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is deliberate, voluntary, given that “it is deadlocked because of the lack of political will to organize elections in this country”. “The calendar is not published, the funds are not mobilized either,” he argues. “The CENI wants to go to electronic voting while the manual vote used in 2006 and 2011 has not yet been mastered and left behind post-electoral disturbances,” said the president of the New Civil Society, Jonas Tshombela.



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