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Mr Jacques KALENGA and Mr Alain KABUIKA, respectively Federal President and Federal Secretary of the UDPS England, established this Saturday, October 12, at ACANE, a centre that deals with Africans in Newcastle, the Newcastle section of the UDPS.
The committee set up at this meeting is as follows:


Please note that among the members of this committee, 3 are also members of the Mutuelle Bana Newcastle, including Pastor Jean Baptiste KONANJ, Apostle Roland LUABA and Mr Camille MOLEKE MBANDA.

More involvement and commitment of all the living forces of Congo, including those of the diaspora, is the driving force behind President Felix TSHISEKEDI’s party in this effort, which will continue almost everywhere in Europe and in the other parts of the world.


La RédactionLa Rédaction10 October 20171min

34 prisoners escaped on Sunday (September 24th) from the Mwenga prison in South Kivu province. According to the Administrator of Mwenga Territory Désiré Masumbuko, quoted by AFP, these detainees, including 27 convicted of rape and others for theft and murder, took advantage of the rain to break through the prison wall.

“Our services have just recovered three escapees. 31 others are still in the wild,” said Masumbuko, adding that in this prison “prison conditions are deplorable” because “of the lack of food and medicines that are no longer provided “by the State.

Several cases of escapes were recorded this year in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The first one is that of the Central Prison of Makala, last May 17, with more than 4,000 escaped.

At the beginning of June, nearly 900 prisoners had escaped from the prison of the city of Beni, in North Kivu. On September 3, 119 prisoners had escaped from Kabinda Prison, in Lomami Province.


La RédactionLa Rédaction6 October 20171min

The arm-wrestling at the UN between the Rally led by Felix Tshisekedi and Moïse Katumbi and the MP carried by She Okitundu seconded later by Joseph Kabila produced nothing according to the president of the UDA Originelle, Claudel Lubaya. 

“There is nothing to be gained in New York by either the opposition or the MP. It is here, on the ground (in the DRC), the arena where only the people will come out victorious,” he judges.

For him, to make Joseph Kabila leave the Power passes “by the general mobilization” and, therefore, not by the holding of the elections under the Presidency of Joseph Kabila, to which the Rally of the opposition, in which the UDA is included does not believe any more.


La RédactionLa Rédaction10 July 20172min

Canadian mining company Banro, located in the Maniema province of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), has decided to evacuate most of its workers.

A company statement said that a caravan of 23 trucks belonging to subcontractors working on their behalf was taken under fire during a firefight between the Armed Forces of the DRC (FARDC) and Militiamen in Lulimba, South Kivu. The rebel group that controls the area has confiscated the trucks but the drivers are safe, Banro said.

According to an official of a security company working for the mining company, the cause of this evacuation is the worrying security situation in the east of the country.
Meanwhile, the army spokesman in the region, Captain Dieudonné Kasereka said that the localities of Luimba, Misisi, Lubondja and Iseke have been under the control of the fighters of the Mai-Mai Yakutumba self-defense group since Friday latest.

Expatriate families are leaving the city of Kindu following the announcement by the Mai Mai to continue their advance to Kindu, capital of Maniema. The women and the sick have already left the place for Bukavu via two flights from Swala Aviation. The rest of the staff was evacuated by road.


La RédactionLa Rédaction6 July 20172min

The workshop on investment in the digital economy and startups in the DRC, #KonnectSummit, is taking place in Kinshasa on 6 July 2017. The Minister of Posts, Telecommunications and New Information Technologies, Emery Okudji, Highlighted the government’s efforts for the emergence of digital technology in the DRC. 

Speaking for his opening remarks at the #KonnectSummit, Minister Emery Okundji  underscored the importance of the digital sector in the economy

“… new information and communication technologies have proved to have a positive impact on all sectors of a nation’s life. Indeed, their influence on trade, agriculture, finance, health, education and many other fields of activity could help to support growth, ” the Minister emphasized.

The #KonnectSummit is a forum that brings together key players in the digital sector and promotes investment in an area that serves as a lever for country development.

“… the government has embarked on a broad program of basic infrastructure and transmission infrastructure to enable information and communication technology operators to deliver quality services to our people. Two bills, one on telecommunications and the other on trade and e-commerce, were tabled in Parliament, ” the Minister added.

These draft laws, if passed, will help lay the groundwork for better digital legislation.


La RédactionLa Rédaction5 July 20171min

The People’s Party for Reconstruction and Democracy (PPRD) has withdrawn its confidence in the governor of Upper Katanga Jean Claude Kazembe. This is indicated by a letter addressed to the latter and signed by the party’s general secretary, Henri Mova.

“In these conditions, I regret to announce that the PPRD withdraws its confidence from you. I ask you to draw all the political consequences ” read the correspondence dated June 24, 2016.

JC Kazembe is accused of refusing to respond to the invitation of the National Assembly of Upper Katanga sent to him on 15 April to answer the concerns raised in a motion of censure against the deputy’s Provincial government.

Jean Claude Kazembe was accused of poor management of the province’s finances, relations with its employees, cases of public procurement in breach of procedures and failure to implement the budget as voted by the provincial assembly.

The motion against him had been voted by the majority of the members. Dismissed from office, he was later reinstated by the Constitutional Court, before being denied by his political family.


La RédactionLa Rédaction5 July 20173min

Kingsman Chikelu, a doctor of his state, is re-elected as head of the Nigerian Organization of Dispora in the Democratic Republic of Congo (Nido). It was after his opponent withdrew from the elections, which were held recently in a room in the square, in the presence of the consul of the Nigerian embassy in the DRC.

It is a robust committee of 11 people who will have to drive to the good port the large Nigerian community, estimated to be seven miles, living and residing in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

And the new president, formerly of the University of Kinshasa (Unikin) is aware of this.

He spoke these words:

“I am very pleased, because it is a great election, which just held after three months of preliminary and today was the last stage of this long process. I thank the entire Nigerian community in the DRC for renewing my confidence. I promise to work even harder for the realization of our projects, because, there are many problems. Today we have six to seven Nigerian miles living in the DRC.”

The diaspora, made President Kingsman Chikelu, is not only made up of Nigerians, but also children have unions with Congolese along with Nigerian students there.

“It is a large family, which includes unions and communities. Today, Nigerians have recognized that only skills are enough for strong leadership,” he added, thanking the Eternal God, from whom all power comes, before promising not to disappoint his voters, Embassy and colleagues doctors.

In addition to the chairman, the Nido / DRC committee comprises: a vice-chairman, a secretary-general, and his deputy, a spokesperson, an information manager, a speaker, a financial secretary, a chairman Youth, and a Disciplinary Officer.

The Nido / DRC is packed with a good collection of Nigerian professionals, elites, business men and women, committed to cooperatively leveraging their individual skills, talents and potentials in order to make its important contribution to national development Important and desired, as well as to ensure the general welfare of its members and the maintenance of good community relations with the people of the Rd in collaboration with the Embassy of Nigeria. This was recalled by the consul, Uju Chukwu.

It should be noted that Kingsman Chikelu is also the president of the Nigerian Diaspora on the African continent.


La RédactionLa Rédaction4 July 20173min

The world is celebrating the international “plastic-free” day on July 3rd. However, this day, which would have been for the Kinois, a great opportunity for reflection on the improvement of their environments, went unnoticed over the whole Congolese capital.

For this great metropolis, where there is a serious problem of waste management and precisely household waste, constituted in most cases of sachets, no initiative was observed on July 3rd throughout the city.

A date practically unknown to the Kinois and Kinoises. However, this day was declared by the United Nations. And according to the story, everything started from the 1865s in the United States, where plastics were invented.

The plastic bag, commonly called the sachet in the DRC, is made from petroleum derivatives. It was invented to replace billiard balls that became too expensive. And since those years, there is not a single day that passes without using the plastic bag.

However, it has a double disadvantage effect. On the one hand, it is very little biodegradable and, on the other hand, it disperses at the expense of wind and currents.

Like any object, the plastic bag has advantages and disadvantages. Among these benefits, let’s say it is lighter than glass. It is a major asset for the manufacture of bottles. Its solidity, robustness and cost, more affordable than glass or metal, make it increasingly popular in Congolese households. Its lifespan, its versatility, its modernity, the most obvious example of which is the mobile phone, also its practical side are all advantages that it presents to its users.

However, as disadvantages, the plastic bag has a long shelf life. This is taken as an advantage and a disadvantage for future generations who will suffer the impact of plastic packaging on the environment. Its chemical components are being decried at the moment. And bisphenol A is at the center of all scientific discussions about its toxicity. Finally, scientifically proven, the plastic bag causes the increase in some cancers that would be due to plastic particles, which degrade over time.

To preserve nature, plastic bags must be replaced by reusable and recyclable bags, or even by paper packaging, even if they are not a panacea. Because soon there will be a problem with oil. Knowing that without oil this energy will disappear.


La RédactionLa Rédaction4 July 20174min

The Director General of the National Coffee Office (ONC), Augustin Bompate Bo-Lounda, said during an interview with the ACP on Monday 19 June 2017 that the coffee “Arabica” produced for the first time in the DRC Is popular on international markets.

According to Mr Bompate Bolounda, this premium coffee is sold at 10 dollars / kg and is currently the subject of solicitations in these markets. He attributed this performance to the management spirit of the ONC management committee and its determination to rehabilitate, promote and upgrade Congolese coffee on the international market.

This coffee is produced on the shores of the Lake in the provinces of North Kivu and South Kivu. The Director-General recalled that from 1948 to 1960, Congolese coffee had years of glory. It was thus purchased on the basis of confidence (by telex) and not on the basis of a sample.

Thanks to the well-equipped extension services of the ONC, coffee quality had increased and exports had increased from 23,459 tons to 93,412 tons in 1959. From 1960 to 1965, due to post-independence tribulations, coffee production Decline as a result of the abandonment of plantations and the inadequacy of the labor force.

Thus, the sale of coffee outdoors began to take place on samples, not on the basis of confidence. According to him, his management committee is making efforts to revive the coffee sector in the DRC.

This explains the installation in December in Kinshasa of a coffee roasting machine purchased on own funds in Spain for the processing of quality ground coffee for export. It also announced the acquisition of the second machine to be installed aboard Lake Tanganyika in Kalemie in the province of Tanganyika for commercial transactions of coffee and cocoa from this port.

About Kalemie, the DG of the ONC said that he had recently carried out a work mission in this city where the new office of representation of the ONC will be opened soon and a field of experimentation of coffee and cocoa cultivation .

It will also be installed in Kinshasa, a modern laboratory for the processing of coffee and cocoa, he said, not to mention the installation in several provinces of nurseries under the supervision of the agronomists of the ONC for distribution From seedlings to peasants.

Mr Bompate has sent a message to the population and especially to young people and women to cultivate coffee under the supervision of the agronomists of the ONC in order to combat unemployment and poverty in their surroundings . For him, the cultivation of coffee, cocoa and other perennial plants will provide them with money. To the authorities, he asked to support the ONC in its efforts to revitalize and upgrade the perennial culture.

He pointed out that coffee involves 800,000 households or 4,800,000 people and allows people to access basic social services, including education, health, water and sanitation, or invest in ‘habitat.


La RédactionLa Rédaction4 July 20173min

The Muslims of the Kingabwa Mosque in the commune of Limete closed with great pomp on June 25, “Ramadan”, a month of fasting and prayer, according to the linear calendar.

In this mosque, the atmosphere was at the rendezvous in order to give to this day all its brilliance. Around 9 o’clock, the installation was finished and everything was ready to celebrate this great event, which testifies to the submission of the followers of Islam to the Quranic recommendations.

Thus, it all began with the prayer of Si Alat-Id (The Feast of Prayer).

“We celebrate this feast just at the end of fasting. Islam has three festivals. This is the one celebrated every Friday. It is the feast for us Muslims after the third day of fasting that is called Aid El ftr. That is to say the feast of the rupture. Or the festival of slaughtering commonly called Tabaski. And the third feast is the Demanda,” said Hassan Sindani, Iimam holder of the Kingabwa mosque.

During Ramadan, he explains, Muslims are invited to fast, except those who are sick. Also, pregnant women, those who are in menstruation, are called to abstain.

During this month, the Imam continues, all pious Muslims observe dignified behavior. They abstain from committing all sins in general.

“Ramadan purifies us … it is a school of learning good works. Ramadan makes us inherit paradise. That is why joy is immense. And you will see the others celebrating all night. The restaurants in Kinshasa are invaded because people think they should celebrate … “, added the person in charge of the Mosque of Kingabwa, before adding that among the Muslims, Lent is considered the guest, who does not come Only once a year.

Finally, Imam Hassan Sindani emphasizes that during Ramadan, the Muslim must observe good behavior in order to be in direct contact with Allah. It was before exhorting his brothers and sisters of the mosques to keep all the rewards, of which they were beneficiaries.

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