EditorialEditorial30 September 20171min

A DRC army Antonov crashed this morning in the outskirts of Kinshasa.

The Russian-made aircraft which took off from N’Djili Airport was bound for Bukavu, in eastern DRC to deliver ammunitions to army troops battling a rebellion in that part of the country.

The causes of the crash are still unknown. Meanwhile, reliable sources indicate the aircraft was transporting two army vehicles and loads of ammunitions.

No one survived the crash.

KINSHASATIMES.CD will be coming back with more details later.


EditorialEditorial16 September 20171min

According to a communiqué from the DRC Foreign Ministry, current Congolese semi-biometric passports will be invalidated on 16 October 2017, leaving all holders with only 30 days to acquire new passports, termed “biometrics”.  

The decision was made by the Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration, Aggée Aje Matembo Toto on 15 September 2017.

Consequently, Congolese nationals returning to the country from abroad will have their soon-to-expire passports taken away from them by immigration authorities upon arrival at border posts. They will however be given a copy of their passports to enable them to apply for the new passport.

It is worth mentioning that the Congolese passport is one of the most expensive on the planet according to many observers.

However, the Minister explained the decision as being necessary “with a view to streamlining the various identity documents held by Congolese citizens for security purposes”.


Aimé ZonveniAimé Zonveni22 July 20173min

Joseph Olenghankoy was appointed as chair of the National Council to Oversee the implementation of the New Year’s Eve Agreement (CNSA). He was appointed at the conclusion of the working session presided over by the Speaker of the National Assembly, Aubin Minaku, and the Chairperson of the Senate, Leon Kengo wa Dondo.

He will be assisted by three vice presidents. The first vice-president is Adolphe Lumanu, from the ruling coalition. The second one, Vital Kamerhe, who boycotted the appointment session, hails from the wing of the opposition that signed the partial deal on 18 October 2016. Kamerhe dispute the legitimacy of Kengo and Minanu to chair the meeting that appointed CNSA members. The third vice-presidential seat was allocated to the National Front for Constitution Respect. This political platform has until Monday to take up the position.

Speaking to the media after his appointment, Olenghankoy expressed his happiness for being, unanimously, appointed to take over the position which was initially given to Etienne Tshisekedi, the leading Congolese opposition leader, who died before taking the positon up.

“Mine are feelings of joy to see all these important personalities here having chosen me to this position. Unbelievable, yet true that after the demise of Etienne Tshisekedi, a hallmark of resistance, I was unanimously singled out and I am wondering what I will give them in return. I think I will be open to anyone who stands ready to help me with my weaknesses” said Olenghankoy.

Guarding against any demagogy, the newly-appointed chair of the CNSA rather wanted to allow the Congolese people to gauge him based on his performance in the job.

“It is difficult to make promises; as I am not a demagogue. All the population knows me as a very vocal person committed to the truth in word and deed. I think that in due course, the people will themselves judge. We need to take the country towards democracy and peace” he added.

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