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The United Nations has decided to withdraw the Democratic Republic of Congo from the blacklist of child soldier recruiting countries within their armed forces. The Minister of Defense, Crispin Atama, has not hidden his emotions following the decision taken by the UN.

According to Atama, this good news follows the efforts made by the country through the elements of the Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo, in collaboration with UNICEF, to end the recruitment of minors in the army.

Meanwhile, at the Ministry of Defense, a commission has been set up to evaluate the criteria proposed by the United Nations to also help the DRC out of the black list of countries that excel in sexual violence.

This joint commission is composed of the members of the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Justice, Human Rights, FARDC, the Police and other security services.

“The perpetrators of sexual violence must be prosecuted. Instructions have been given so that each Unit Commander now feels responsible in the event of a blundering of the Gender denounced as sexual violence by signing a pledge,” said Crispin Atama.


The elements of the Congolese army deserve a reward for the efforts made in the fight against sexual abuse.

“The United Nations has gratified us. We believe that we are cleaned up and are now able to represent the DRC in peacekeeping units around the world,” concluded the Congolese Defense Minister.


EditorialEditorial11 October 20171min

“In the name of the entire nation, national public institutions and his own, the Head of State expresses his deepest condolences to the highly respected Mother Olangi Wosho Elisabeth, to the biological family of the deceased, to all the believers of the Spiritual Combat, in the country and throughout the world,” says the statement signed by Nehémie Mwuilanya, Director of the Office of the President of the Republic. 

The President of the Republic, Joseph Kabila, was “surprised” to learn of the death of the International Apostle and Evangelist, Olangi Joseph-Ezekiel On’asambi on this Sunday, October 1st.

For the occasion, he instructed the Prime Minister Bruno Tshibala’s Government to “associate with the family of the deceased in order to organize the funerals which honor the memory of the illustrious late,” the same statement said. Papa Olangi, co-founder and shepherd of the Christian Ministry of Spiritual Combat, MCCS, was laid to rest in South Africa, Johannesburg precisely, following a heart attack that went wrong. His body will be repatriated to the DRC in the coming days.


EditorialEditorial10 October 20171min

Young people gathered at the Belgian Embassy in Kinshasa on November 3 with a coffin to claim the remains of the first Prime Minister of the DRC, Patrice Lumumba, and to bury him with dignity in a grave.

According to these young people, it was Belgium that assassinated the Congolese National Hero, as testified by Gérard Soete, the then Belgian Police Commissioner who admits, in that documentary on the death of the Congolese National Hero, having carved Patrice with the saw and holding 2 of his teeth.

In a political context where the mother country turns more and more it back on the current regime in Kinshasa, the aim of this descent seems also to be a reminder to humanity of the responsibility of Belgium in the current Congolese political situation whose roots are far away.

Indeed, Gérard Soete and his brother, who carved Lumumba, claim to have diluted the parts of his body in sulfuric acid. On May 15, 2001, Soete even told AFP that he threw the two teeth of Lumumba, which he kept, in the North Sea.


EditorialEditorial6 October 20172min

A rumor has been circulating since the weekend: “Students are still going to attack schools on Monday. We have to keep the children at home,” the parents whispered. At the base of the rumor too, “the day without professors” launched by trade unionists. This morning, from Seventh Street to the city center, through the Victoire roundabout, students are invisible.

Schools that do not believe in this rumor have nevertheless opened their doors to welcome students as usual. Some parents come to drop off their children. Some students, on the other hand, braved fear in solo to go to school, but covertly. One of them met in the taxi in blue skirt tergal has a camouflage hood to the head “to go unnoticed in the eyes of the presumed” students who will be angry with him for going to school.

On Monday, September 18, some schools in Kinshasa were attacked by strangers who presented themselves as students. A panic has invaded the city with the parents running to and fro to get their children back from school. These attacks would be linked to the double strike at Higher Education and Primary and Secondary Education caused by the non-payment of teachers.

The Minister of Higher Education and University received in the immediate, students indexed in this case to clear it. The latter “concerned about the current session” have denied being involved in this panic. The police have reassured that the situation is under control.


EditorialEditorial28 September 20172min

Sub-machine-gun and heavy weapon fire resumed on Thursday, September 28, 2017 morning in the hills overlooking the city of Uvira in the province of Sud-Kivu.

It is since 4 am that the population of Uvira is hiding in her homes. Armed men arrived by wooden boats and launched an attack at Kabimba, a town on the shores of Lake Tanganyika, south of Uvira.

“We heard heavy weapon fire everywhere. We shut ourselves up in houses, we only can hear thunders. The militiamen are right next, in the vicinity of the city. They have not yet entered the city,” said a resident of Uvira.

There is no electricity, shops, schools and other institutions are closed.

Military sources said the shots were aimed at clearing the city’s mountainous peripheries and protecting the city. But afterwards, these shots continued on the shores of Lake Tanganyika, south of the city, towards Kalundu, where the FARDC Naval Forces soldiers clashed with militiamen Mayi-Mayi of Yakutumba.

The Mayi-Mayi militia of William Yakutumba promised to march on Uvira after taking control of Mboko, Sunday, September 24.

“Here, the situation is really alarming. There are shots nearly everywhere. Four enemy ships attacked the town early this morning, but the army managed to destroy two,” said a witness on the spot.

The attackers occupied certain localities from Makobola to Mboko, but the FARDC, which received reinforcements on both sides, moved from Lusenda to Mboko and from Uvira to Mboko.


EditorialEditorial27 September 20171min

Professors of the University of Kinshasa (UNIKIN) have radicalized their strike action launched on August 7, until their claims are met. This decision was taken at the Extraordinary Assembly of the Association of Professors of Unikin (APUKIN) held on Tuesday, September 26.

After evaluating the strike, 51 days after its start, APUKIN denounced the ill-will on the part of the Congolese Government not to respond to their demands.

“Apart from some statements of good intentions on the part of the politicians, no consistent further action is recorded in relation to the claims. Today more than yesterday, it is a question for the university professors to go through the decision taken since August 7, 2017, to defend and to obtain their rights “, stressed the President of the APUKIN, Antoine Kitombole.

APUKIN’s demands concern the application of the framework law on education promulgated by the Head of State, Joseph Kabila, since 11 February 2014, the readjustment of wages at the budget rate and the reimbursement of the overpayment on the Vehicle Purchase Contract.


EditorialEditorial20 September 20172min

In their press releases issued on 17 September, which reached the editorial office of News243.net, Citizen movements members of the Civil Society Action Group: Lutte pour le Changement (LUCHA) and Il EST TEMPS invite the Congolese to participate in a mass in memory of the compatriots who died at the so-called “Yellow Card” demonstrations organized by the Rally of Forces Acquired for Change, then led by Dr. Étienne TShisekedi wa Mulumba.

The purpose of the demonstration was to notify the President of the Republic, Joseph Kabila, of the 3-month notice period; i.e. require the convening of the electorate in accordance with Article 73 of the Constitution, which should allow the Congolese people to elect a new President of the Republic to replace Joseph Kabila on December 20, 2016.

During the demonstration, there was a clash between demonstrators and the Police, and among the dead were civilians-non-demonstrators, demonstrators and policemen; but also the burning of several political parties Offices, not to mention the looting.

Thus, this mass will not only have a memorial nature, but also a patriotic nature, i.e. remind the participants of the patriotic meaning of all these deaths.

Saint Boniface Parish, located on the Mokali road, not far from Pascal, in the Kimbaseke Municipality, District of Tshangu, was chosen by LUCHA and IL EST TEMPS to pay homage to these valiant patriots who fell at the front for having demanded elections.

These two citizen movements will take advantage of this opportunity to ask the Congolese people not to give up and to demand the convening of the electoral body by the CENI this 30 September 2017 so to allow the return to the Constitutional order.


EditorialEditorial14 September 20171min

The cholera has killed 26 people in the province of Haut-Lomami since the epidemic was declared last August. The Provincial Health Minister, Olivier Sampatwa, said it on Tuesday, September 12.

According to him, more than a thousand cases of cholera have already been recorded since August in the province. The most affected localities are Mulongo, where health services have recorded 580 cholera patients and 20 deaths, and Kinkondja, where 530 patients and 6 deaths are recorded.

However, the Provincial Minister of Health has indicated that several water chlorination sites have been established for several weeks along the lake and the river in order to fight this epidemic. A site for the urgent care of the sick was also installed on the shores of Lake Kabamba, he said, adding that latrines are being built in cholera-affected villages as part of the “Healthy Village” program.

In addition, the Haut-Lomami Health Division awareness teams recommend that the riparian populations no longer throw faeces into the watercourses.


EditorialEditorial14 September 20171min

The National Union of Teachers of the State-regulated Catholic schools (SYNECAT) in the Kasai Oriental Province announced last weekend the continuation of their strike.

The decision comes when the National Union of Teachers of the Congo (SYECO) just lifted the strike throughout the Democratic Republic of the Congo last week.
According to the provincial secretary of SYNECAT, Gaston Mutombo, the provincial government did not take into account the demands of teachers in the province.
Teachers are demanding the indexation of their salary at the state budget rate.


EditorialEditorial11 September 20172min

“Planning and Development of Industrial and Residential Areas of Urban Agglomerations in the DRC” is the theme of the second edition of the Concrete Expo 2017 opened on Thursday September 07, 2017 in Kinshasa.

The opening ceremony of this 2017 edition took place on Thursday in the presence of the Minister of State in charge of Infrastructure, Public Works and Reconstruction (ITPR), Thomas Luhaka, and the Minister of Higher Education and Academic (ESU), Steve Mbikayi.

During these four days of work, a number of issues will be discussed, including the Habitat Agenda in the DRC, infrastructure accomplishments under the Sino-Congolese program, ruralization of cities, upturn of habitat areas, the case of Lualaba.

The president of the concrete exhibition, Jean Bamanisa, called for the setting up of a permanent framework of exchanges and monitoring between the government and the concrete exhibition for the realization of the government’s construction project.

The Minister of Higher Education and Universities, Steve Mbikayi, took advantage of the opening ceremony to launch the DRC Concrete Expo Competition, second edition, for students enrolled in technical courses.

Speaking in his turn, Constant Luzitu, the president of the DRC’s architects, complained that for every major work to be carried out, the authorities resort to foreign labor “whereas the Congolese architects have all the capacities to design and build beautiful works”. On this, he appealed to the Nation to have confidence in the national architects.
Opened this Sept. 07, the Concrete Exhibition 2017 will close on September 10.

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