Emery Okundji: Two bills are tabled in parliament for the emergence of digital

6 July 20172min
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The workshop on investment in the digital economy and startups in the DRC, #KonnectSummit, is taking place in Kinshasa on 6 July 2017. The Minister of Posts, Telecommunications and New Information Technologies, Emery Okudji, Highlighted the government’s efforts for the emergence of digital technology in the DRC. 

Speaking for his opening remarks at the #KonnectSummit, Minister Emery Okundji  underscored the importance of the digital sector in the economy

“… new information and communication technologies have proved to have a positive impact on all sectors of a nation’s life. Indeed, their influence on trade, agriculture, finance, health, education and many other fields of activity could help to support growth, ” the Minister emphasized.

The #KonnectSummit is a forum that brings together key players in the digital sector and promotes investment in an area that serves as a lever for country development.

“… the government has embarked on a broad program of basic infrastructure and transmission infrastructure to enable information and communication technology operators to deliver quality services to our people. Two bills, one on telecommunications and the other on trade and e-commerce, were tabled in Parliament, ” the Minister added.

These draft laws, if passed, will help lay the groundwork for better digital legislation.

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