Expo béton : The Congolese Architects Request the Confidence of their Country for the Realization of Beautiful Works

11 September 2017
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“Planning and Development of Industrial and Residential Areas of Urban Agglomerations in the DRC” is the theme of the second edition of the Concrete Expo 2017 opened on Thursday September 07, 2017 in Kinshasa.

The opening ceremony of this 2017 edition took place on Thursday in the presence of the Minister of State in charge of Infrastructure, Public Works and Reconstruction (ITPR), Thomas Luhaka, and the Minister of Higher Education and Academic (ESU), Steve Mbikayi.

During these four days of work, a number of issues will be discussed, including the Habitat Agenda in the DRC, infrastructure accomplishments under the Sino-Congolese program, ruralization of cities, upturn of habitat areas, the case of Lualaba.

The president of the concrete exhibition, Jean Bamanisa, called for the setting up of a permanent framework of exchanges and monitoring between the government and the concrete exhibition for the realization of the government’s construction project.

The Minister of Higher Education and Universities, Steve Mbikayi, took advantage of the opening ceremony to launch the DRC Concrete Expo Competition, second edition, for students enrolled in technical courses.

Speaking in his turn, Constant Luzitu, the president of the DRC’s architects, complained that for every major work to be carried out, the authorities resort to foreign labor “whereas the Congolese architects have all the capacities to design and build beautiful works”. On this, he appealed to the Nation to have confidence in the national architects.
Opened this Sept. 07, the Concrete Exhibition 2017 will close on September 10.



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