Kinshasa under water, three people died in Masina

13 February 2017
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Three people, including an infant, were unfortunately found dead yesterday Tuesday, February 7, in the district Nzuzi wa Mbombo, after the strong downpour that hit the city province of Kinshasa.

This deadly and devastating rain which began around 5 am caused floods of water that invaded homes and public infrastructure. This is notably the case of Masina, where 3 people died.

“When we arrived at the scene of the tragedy, the three bodies were evacuated for the morgue. The family is weakened, “said Djeff Ngamokuba, living in the same neighborhood with the two bereaved families.

According to him, two bodies are of the same family, while the other is neighbors, but they all ended up on the banks of the Nsanga River in district 1 of the Commune of Masina.
However, it should be noted that in Limete, Bumbu, Matete, Gombe, Kalamu and Ngaba, the provincial government of Kinshasa reported several casualties. Many goods have been swept away or damaged by these dirty and wild waters.

Some residents of the capital have taken advantage of this drama to empty the contents of their skeptic pit, without taking into account the harmful effects of this practice on their own health. This is done in the open air, and they justifie this practice with the cost of living that is becoming more and more expensive, thus making them unable to resort to the service of draining the skeptical graves. A shameful and detrimental practice to health, which, however, is used every time the rain comes in this city where hygiene services no longer exist. This must challenge the government of Kinshasa but also the provincial deputies of this agglomeration.

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