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Third Edition of Sultani Makutano Business Meeting Scheduled for Mid-September

31 July 20172min0

According to a press release sent to KINSHASATIMES.CD, the third edition of Sultani Makutano business meeting will be held in Kinshasa on 14 to 16 September 2017. This third edition will be themed on: “Striving for the industrialisation of the DRC and ending the raw materials myth”.

Leading personalities from Africa, Europe, USA and the Congolese entrepreneurial sector will grace the event with their presence and share their experiences.  Discussions will thrash out the ways and means that would help the DRC “materialise transformative industries that can generate the resources that the country needs to move ahead”.

The press release further indicates that an evening gala and a B2B bleisure day are part of the event’s programme. The bleisure day, according to the organisers, will help businesspeople to meet and share in a relaxed setting.

Sultani Makutano is a network of successful Congolese businesspeople which was created two years ago. It brings together an estimated four hundred business men and women, groomed domestically or from the Congolese diaspora. The network seeks to position itself as a force to reckon with for solutions that would foster a domestic economy that is both inclusive and responsive to social values.

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