Visiting Kinshasa, SA’s Zuma Reaffirms Support to Congolese Counterpart

16 October 2017
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President Joseph Kabila received his South African counterpart and current chair of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Jacob Zuma who was on a one-day state visit to Kinshasa this Sunday 15 October.

According to the joint statement sanctioning the visit, Kabila and Zuma thrashed out the general situation prevailing in the SADC region and in the Great Lakes region. Both heads of state took the opportunity to gauge the democratic process unfolding in the DRC.

“They [Kabila and Zuma] held brotherly discussions on the unfolding political, security and economic situation in the SADC space and in the Great Lakes region. To that effect, both heads of state reiterated their full support to the relevant political decisions made by SADC 37th summit regarding the positive evolution of the political situation in the DRC” noted the joint statement.

Touching on the diplomatic ties between Kinshasa and Pretoria, Kabila and Zuma renewed their commitment to consolidating the excellent bilateral relationships existing between the two countries.

Known for his support to the Kinshasa regime, Zuma did not fail to reaffirm his support to the ongoing electoral process in the country, a process which is rejected by the radical opposition while the international community is after an electoral calendar that complies with both the letter and spirit of the 31 December Agreement.

“Further, the South African President expressed his support to the ongoing electoral process in the DRC” stressed the communiqué.



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